Replacing the Back Panel

Congratulations on being one of my earliest customers of The Missing Link! Your reward is getting to take apart your shiny bronze box and replacing the back panel. Below are the instructions for doing that.

Unplug The Missing Link from power and turn over to show bottom panel.

With a #0 or #00 phillips screwdriver, remove the four bottom panel screws.

Pull the bottom panel straight up away from the case.

The back panel is now ready to be removed.

Gently wiggle and pull the back panel up and away from the case.

Gently insert the new panel in to the slots of the top panel.

Align the new panel to the output jacks and side panel tabs.

Align all the panel tabs to the bottom panel and press the bottom panel in to place.

Secure the bottom panel with the four screws. The screws only need to be “hand tight.” Do not overtighten as it could stress the case.

You can now plug in the USB power to the 5v Power jack and a class-compliant USB MIDI device to the USB port. Have fun!