Beta Testing Information

Getting started with beta testing

Requirements for beta testing

Your Missing Link should bet at a minimum of version 1.2. If your Missing Link software version is less than 1.2, please update to the latest version before installing the beta software.

Installing Beta Software

  1. Navigate your browser to the Missing Link Software Update page
  2. You will now see a “beta code” box just above the updater button
  3. Enter one of the beta codes listed below and then click that update button
  4. Missing Link will now download and install the dinsync beta then it will reboot your Missing Link.

Reverting Back to the Main Release

  1. Back in the Software Update page, delete the text in the “beta code” box
  2. Press the updater button, Missing Link will swap back to the current release and reboot

Available Beta Releases

Beta Code: clock

The clock beta tests the idea of MIDI Clock Sync input to The Missing Link getting broadcast to the Link peer network.

Steps to Test

  1. With The Missing Link powered off, plug Micro USB cable from USB port of Missing Link to a USB port on your DAW’s computer (e.g. MainStage). Note: No need to also power The Missing Link via its USB power supply. The computer should supply enough power over the USB port.
  2. Enable MIDI Sync output to the Missing Link from your DAW. It will be listed as USB MIDI Gadget in your DAW’s MIDI settings.
  3. Enable Link on Ableton Live or other Link devices to share the tempo coming from The Missing Link that is synced to your DAW.

Known Issues

  • Tempo fluctuates I am not sure where the fluctuations are happening. It might be a limitation of MIDI input to the Linux system… It could get deprioritized in the system and clocks may arrive late. We should be able add some logic to remove outliers if the tempo drifts sporadically (ignore tempo changes unless it seems to be settled there) I’ve added some smoothing and clock drop detection in hopes of smoothing most of the tempo fluctuations out.
  • No user settings Currently there are no user settings for MIDI clock input. If a clock is present, it will sync to that. Ultimately it would probably be good to have an option to ignore incoming sync. What other options would you like?