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Greetings! I am retooling ML:2’s manufacturing to bring it in-house. I will have more ML:2 stock by the summer. If you need some Ableton Link sync for your Eurorack right away please check out The Missing Link, Junior which can sync Eurorack and desktop MIDI devices! And it does this without using any precious HP space in your rack.

Eurorack Clock Generator with Ableton Link

ML:2 is the next in The Missing Link™ series. This time bringing Ableton Link synchronization to your Eurorack modular system. ML:2 opens up the possibilities to jam with iOS and Android music apps, DJ and VJ software, Ableton Live, or any other device that supports Ableton Link.

ML:2 features easy WiFi connectivity to get jamming with the other Ableton Link-enabled devices quickly. Either join an existing network in your home or studio or create your own private WiFi network right on board the ML:2!

Two Configurable 5V Clock Outputs

Outputs A & B can be configured in several ways:

  • Clocks at various PPQN settings
  • Trigger Reset each loop or at Loop Start or Stop
  • Run/Stop Gate for DIN-Sync style clock.

Wireless Sync Across Cases

Don’t have any Link devices? ML:2 also works standalone as a clock generator and can synchronize with other Missing Link devices for wireless sync across your setup. No long cable runs to pass sync between your cases or desktop sequencers!

2.4 GHz WiFi Connectivity

The Missing Link can join your home or studio WiFi network to jam with your other Link devices. No reliable WiFi nearby? The Missing Link is happy to be the WiFi Access Point all the Link devices connect to.

Delay Compensation

Sometimes The Missing Link is a little ahead or behind in time with respect to your other Link devices. Adjust the delay compensation to nudge ML:2 forward or backward in relation to your other Link devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Panel Size: 2HP
  • Supply: +12V 180mA, -12V 0mA, 5V 0mA
  • Depth: 47mm
  • Outputs: 5V triggers

What’s included in the box?

  • ML:2 module
  • Eurorack power cable
  • 2 Black nylon M3 rack mount screws