The Missing Link (discontinued)

This product is now discontinued. I have released a new desktop clock generator called The Missing Link, Junior.

Learn more about The Missing Link, Junior here!

Desktop Clock Generator with Ableton Link

The Missing Link brings Ableton Link to the analog world. Now it is effortless to get your modular synth or drum machine jamming along with iOS music apps or other hardware and software that supports Ableton Link. Connect The Missing Link’s clock output to your rack of modular synths. Plug in a class-compliant USB MIDI interface and start sending MIDI clock to your drum machines. The Missing Link can be the heart of your DAWless workflow.



Add a class-compliant USB MIDI interface and start outputting MIDI clock to all of your drum machines and sequencers!

Delay Compensation

Sometimes The Missing Link is a little ahead or behind in time with respect to your other Link devices. Now you can adjust the delay compensation the way you would adjust track delay in Ableton Live or other DAWs.

WiFi Connectivity

The Missing Link can join your home or studio WiFi network to jam with your other Link devices. No reliable WiFi nearby? The Missing Link is happy to be the WiFi Access Point all the Link devices connect to.

Link 3.0 Support

Now all your Link 3.0-compatible apps can tell The Missing Link to start or stop in sync. Or, The Missing Link can tell your other devices when to start and stop. It’s quite magical to watch.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 5V 1A USB Power Supply (included)
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 8.5cm x 5cm (to top of knob)

Where to Buy

Direct from Circuit Happy

(Ships from the USA)

Order from a store near you

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The Missing Link’s debut at Knobcon 2018

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